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Make your child’s birthday the most memorable one yet! Blacktop Sports Inc. can design a sport specific birthday party for your child or run a multi-sport party. It just depedns on what would make the day special for your child. We offer soccer party's, basketball party's and a multi-sport party. For the multi-sport party we can run with traditional sports and games or non-traditional sports and games. Traditional sports and games include basketball, soccer, baseball, t-ball, etc. One the other hand we can run the party with non-traditional sports and games that children self select to play during recess like kickball, dodgeball, sharks and minnows and pickle, etc.  The choice is your child's. No matter which sport or game party you pick we assure you are talented and fun loving coaches will make this the best birthday party EVER!! We can bring our exciting sports party to your backyard, nearby park, gymnasium or other location to create a special birthday your child will never forget! The party package includes a t-shirt for the birthday child and a sport specific gift too (its a surprise). Two coaches will lead fun and exciting sports/games/activities that will culminate in a sport specific game (basketball, soccer, baseball, kickball, etc) or large group game (depending on age). 


Package #1 is $225 and serves 1 – 15 children.


Package #2 includes a 3rd coach and serves 16 -30 children for $300.

For more than 30 children pleae call for pricing. We often host large school and group activities with hundreds of children attending.


Contact us to book your birthday party or for more information, please contact us at 650-400-6068 or email us at

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